Saturday, July 11, 2009

What is the Difference...

between the German Army of WWI and WWII, the Iraqi Army of 1991 and 2003, and the U.S. Army's Information Management Organization (the computer system folks)? The answer is:

Neither the German Army nor the Iraqi Army ever successfully defeated the American Army in the utter and complete manner that our own IM people have done.
That's right, sportsfans, ever since the Army began using computers, they've managed to have all forward progress in many units, including mine, grind to almost a complete halt. So far, I've expended more staff hours trying to get my Army computer working than I've devoted to anything else. Sheesh.


  1. Hi Dave....

    Want you to know that Bill and I are reading your blog. Interested in your thoughts and observations. Really interesting how methods of communication have changed and thoughts can be transmitted to quickly.
    We've found out that a cousin of Bill's is doing civilian work with the Canadian troops in Afghanistan so we're reading on a couple of fronts.
    Life at State of WA is...well, you know. DOL has not been hit nearly as hard as other agencies, so we're feeling fortunate. Lots of changes in our busness model, but changes that are long overdue--my eversohumble opinion. It's great to part of that effort.
    Take care. Diane

  2. Hi, Diane...Thanks for checking in, and keep those bureaucrats from entrenching themselves in dumbitude!
    Your Friend the Leprechaun...
    (Using pen name for OPSEC purposes...)

  3. In our war against terrorists, one of my online friends came up with a way to defeat Al-Qaeda:

    Airdrop copies of PowerPoint all over Afghanistan, Pakisatan, Somalia--anywhere these guys operate.

    Within a month, their plans & operations will come to a complete standstill.