Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hi, Honey, I'm Home!

Yeah, I wish....but I have arrived at my home for the next year, after a long hot helicopter flight and a marathon bag drag from the airstrip to the holding area. Big thanks to the CH-47 crew out of COB Adder who agreed to drop the 4 of us at our FOB, even though no flight was scheduled to stop here. We were met by the very nice folks who we are replacing. They had vacated their quarters at the beginning of the week so that we could move right in upon arrival...that's a classy move by these professionals. I've got a very nice, PRIVATE CHU, with a desk, wardrobe, wall locker, and nightstand to go along with the twin bed that my sheets from Fred Meyer (thanks, babe!) fit perfectly!
Internet connection was a snap, and if I can scrounge a TV, there is AFN via cable. By the way, did I mention that my CHU is private???? Yep, it is!!!!! (I guess it sounds bizarre to make such a big deal about this issue, but consider the fact that I've had zero privacy since May 5, and you'll probably understand my delight.
Okay, gotta hit the sack as it is 0130 hrs, and we have a full day of transition tomorrow at o'dark thirty. G'nite from my Little Chu on the Prairie.


  1. Ditto what Marv said.

    I got promoted 2 months before I PCS'd to Korea. Good thing too because (after waiting a month), I got a private hooch.


  2. Amen to all...Even though I really like my teammates here, after being together almost 24-7 for the past month, it's really nice to have some time to myself. (There's only one person that I've ever really enjoyed spending that much unbroken time with, and that's my spousal unit...and she sure as heck wouldn't want to be here!)

  3. Do you still need a television set?