Thursday, July 23, 2009

It Happened One Night

Yeah, I did steal the title of one of my favorite movies...Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Walls of Jericho...but I want to describe an interesting visual that was kind of cool, which indeed "happened one night".
The other evening, I was on my way back from the latrine, standing outside of my office, staring up at the brilliant stars when I heard the sound of a helicopter throttling up. I looked toward the airfield, and saw a ghostly Blackhawk, completely blacked out, zip over my head low and very fast. In its wake, a huge cloud of dust followed which resembled a giant wave off Waimea...I stood there in complete awe as the dust wave closed over was so hot I could barely breathe...until I ran inside, happily gulping the fresh air.
The whole scene had an "Apocalypse Now" surreal feel to it...I think it will be one of those images that'll be part of my long term memories of Iraq. (I also suspect that a good portion of that dust will remain in my lungs long after I re-deploy...)

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