Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blogstacles in Arabic

I don't know exactly what happened, but yesterday when I clicked on my "favorites" list to sign in to my blog page, the navigation buttons were all labeled in Arabic instead of English. Yeah, I realize that I'm now living in an Arabian country, but it caught me off guard. I tried clicking on the location where the sign-in button used to be, but since everything written goes from right to left here, the buttons were also reversed. I got redirected to what I think was a Chinese foot fetish blog, or maybe an infomercial for a homeopathic cure for athletes foot, and then something in cyrillic advertising nipple rings for men, before finally finding the way back to my dashboard. I added the dashboard (blog control panel) to my list of favorites, and Voila, problem solved.
By the way, tomorrow is Sunday, and is our first official "day off" since arriving in-theatre on July 1st. It's kind of anticlimactic, since there's not much to do around here besides what we do every day: work out in the early a.m., eat breakfast, go to the office, drop by the PX, drink gallons of water, go to lunch, return to the office to see if the computer repair dudes have shown up (and they haven't), read over old case files, go to the gym, shower, eat dinner, go check email in the CHU, watch a movie on the computer, and then go to bed...lather, rinse, and repeat. (Did someone just yell "Groundhog Day!" ?) Since our little office is responsible for covering 8 provinces, you'd think that we'd be slammed...but that ain't the case...yet. (I probably just jinxed us, but we'd all rather be bustin' our butts instead of repairing Maytags.) Be careful of what you wish for...

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  1. Just returned after being out of state for a week+... good to catch up with your adventures. Had to laugh while reading about the IM folks.

    Head down and powder dry (like you could find enough water to get it wet!).