Friday, July 31, 2009


I was momentarily startled this evening by the sight of orange flames leaping above the brigade headquarters compound. I exclaimed something intelligent, like "Holy S--t!" which prompted a passing soldier to remind me that the brigade commander likes to ignite big bonfires to commemorate various special occasions. I've no idea what spawned this particular conflagration, but it was pretty impressive all the same, in fact it seemed kind of "Lord of the Flies", pagan ritual cool. (I refrained from walking over there, just in case the Colonel and his staff were dancing around the fire clad in loincloths and bodypaint, and brandishing pig's heads on spears...)


  1. Hey Lep, he was just celebrating my last day. Freedom and abandonment......I'll miss you guys, big time !!!

  2. Well, LL, that's definitely an occasion worthy of a pagan bonfire and dance! I'm glad you are staying in touch via the blog! And if you get bored with fishing and other retirement activities, you can always come over here and run the Recreation Facility!