Friday, July 31, 2009

A-1 First Class Care Package Acknowledgement

A big "Shukran!" ("Thank You" in Arabic) to my friend and colleague Tony, who as a veteran of a tour in Afghanistan knew just what kind of neat stuff to send...things I didn't even know existed, like very tasty low calorie Crystal Light drink mix with caffeine!!!! How cool is that? Even more timely was the generous supply of "Wet Ones" moist towelettes, which came in very handy today as the water supply to our showers was interrupted by a generator failure, and our little PX has been out of those things for the past week. No stinky Leprechauns on this FOB, for which my co-workers also extend their deep appreciation. Thanks, Bro...


  1. Lep: Have you received the "care pkg" out the mail room at ye old place?

  2. Not yet, LL...but mail convoys have been pretty slow, as our Iraqi "friends" don't want us on their roads any more. It's usually taking about 30 days for parcels to reach us...But I'll look forward to receiving it!