Friday, June 26, 2009

When is the Leprechaun... Terrell Owens? Why, whenever we get a pass, we are very happy! We just had our farewell was very nice to have some of my favorite civilian job co-workers in attendance...but the best part of the deal is that I get a 3-day pass to spend with my spousal unit. Got some final things to accomplish today, like putting all of my accumulated crapola in two duffle bags (including the new body armor they finally issued me yesterday), and finding a nice place to stay at the beach. (Preferably someplace without any Army people within 50 miles!)

By the way, for all of you who are having difficulties leaving comments, I am kind of at a loss for providing instructions. I've heard it helps if you pick a new user name and password that you only use for this blog, but it may be too much of a pain in the ass to mess with. You can also add "anonymous" comments without logging in, and just add your pen name within the comment so I know who is making fun of me!


  1. hEY Dave, glad you finally get to go home-I know Sheryl must be happy! We are thinking of you-and hope we can talk before you are deployed. We are all proud of you-love you-and wish the best for you! I hope you can call me tomorrow!!! love you!!!

  2. Hey Big Bro!
    want to talk to you! I do not want to interrupt your few days with "your spousal unit" but I do want to talk with you before you deploy!!
    call me!!!!!
    love you- your very proud little sister