Monday, June 29, 2009

Hello, I must be going...

Thanks to Lisa at the Ocean Crest Resort, my spousal unit, pups and I had a wonderful couple of nights at the beach, including a great evening of Irish grub and music at Galway Bay Pub...Where else would a leprechaun spend quality time, eh? Weather was sunny but windy and cool, which I didn't mind, knowing that having to wear a sweatshirt will soon be only a pleasant memory.

 I had to downsize my carry-on, so the final pack-out will leave a fair amount o'stuff for my spouse to ship. I've been given fair warning that any other flotsam and jetsam left cluttering up the house will be piled on the front lawn and torched, so I'll make sure to stuff it all in bags and fill the closet in the spare room!

Next post will likely come from a slightly different zip code, unless something utterly amazing happens while en route. Slainte'!


  1. Yo Lep, heard from bossman that a couple of people attended your farewell ceremony and was sorry I missed it....was in the middle of the USA. Also caught the news you has a couple of day w/ spouse.....congrad....hope you both enjoyed Irish eatery....OS is great place for memories....also SB is finally planning....things are happening fast on yours & my fronts....will stay tune to the Lep blog.

  2. Congratulations on the medal. You are my fav Irish relative and then some.
    from Austin with love