Saturday, June 20, 2009

Getting Close to Sayonara Time?

We are finishing up the mandatory combat training this weekend. (If you haven't had the dubious honor of operating an Entry Checkpoint, or Traffic Control Point, it's a privilege you'll definitely want to pass up!) We transition to CID training on Monday, and at the same time we are busy packing and re-packing our footlockers and duffle bags to match the latest version of packing lists from battalion HQ. I'm shipping my Cuisinart coffee maker, though it's not likely to reach me for a few months. Also, my issue desert boots gave up the ghost today after 2 months of field training use...they weren't the most comfortable anyway, so I bought a pair of Danner hot weather boots at the on-post tactical store. What a least one pound lighter, with better support and padding, so I can run faster and jump Army PF Flyers! (Only fellow geezers will get that reference...) Still nothing definite about our departure date, but of course I won't be able to disclose that info here anyway...OPSEC (Operations Security) rules for personal blogs like this one are very stringent, and I do not want to get into trouble if I can avoid it. (As you can imagine, the Army in general lacks a sense of humor or forgiveness!)

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