Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Army!

Today is the United States Army's official birthday...(I was going to send a birthday card to the Pentagon, something like, "The U.S. Army...Creating Special Memories for 234 Years!")...and to commemorate the occasion I'd like to honor some Army alumni: My late grandfathers, who both served during WWI, and in the California State Guard during WWII; My Uncle Bub, who despite being a very humble guy performed very heroically during the Battle of the Bulge and the drive into Germany; My Uncle Bill, who I just learned went ashore on D-Day as a combat medic, which took an amazing amount of guts; My Dad, who served as a turret gunner in B-24s and B-29s in the Army Air Corps, and later served as an infantry officer in the California National Guard, and my cousin David, who survived a tour in South Korea when the Cold War was heating up. Despite my attempts at humorous jabs at the Big Green Machine, I also feel proud to serve again, and am equally humbled by the service of my relatives. Guess I'll eat some MRE cake to celebrate...

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