Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Age vs. Attitude Equation

First off, thanks to friends and family for your positive comments. While I do always return to the "upbeat" mode, the speed of yo-yo changes has me unsettled more than usual. One positive effect is that the older I get, the faster I seem to recover from disappointment. (Having lower expectations helps too!) The latest example was when my detachment was told to expect that we'd have Sunday off. While the spousal unit and I made tentative plans to get together for breakfast and a dog walk, we didn't get our hopes up. Sure enough, this afternoon Change 3 was broadcast, and we have convoy training tomorrow all day and into the evening.

Today's training was fun and challenging. This was Day 2 of "Short-Range Marksmanship", which was taught by infantry combat veterans who really know what they are doing. We did a lot of shooting on the move, engaging multiple targets, and shooting "bad guy" targets placed next to "good guy" silhouettes. My proficiency and confidence with the M-4 rifle has greatly increased as a result of this training.

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  1. How fortunate you are to get this type of training! Scenario training on the range is just so much fun! Hot dang. Wow whee. You're gonna be unstoppably GOOD.