Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's On Like Donkey Kong...

Well, my situation was resolved, and so I'm still going downrange. No specifics, but you'll figure it out when there aren't any new posts for a week or so.

Today we had the combat crime scene exercise. Think "CSI Meets Generation Kill" and you'll get the gist of our activities. Yet another MRE met its demise at my hands...and the battalion brought out a hot breakfast to our staging area, but since everyone got a late start due to our weapons being issued 30 minutes past the appointed time, we just got to grab a sausage or strip of bacon from the containers as we headed toward the ammo point. That wasn't the smartest idea, because a few minutes later we were all racing up a hill under "enemy fire" carrying either a dead body or our 60 lb crime scene backpack. Mmmm, burped nitrates! All in all, it was a chance to see how our team of four agents functioned together, as we will be staffing our FOB CID office for the next year or so.

We did okay, though I had a personal challenge: photographing the crime scene while cradling an M-4 rifle. (My issued rifle is in the shop for repair, and so I had a "loaner" without a sling)...try it sometime. This was our last event, so we are busy packing duffle bags and hoping for a pass to stay at home before departure.


  1. That bacon has an important function: assisting with the MRE evacuation route. Crazy--armed photography! A new Olympic sport?

  2. Sorry your fav pinup has gone to the Great Beyond. Thinking of you with much love and admiration.
    Mission Viejo Momma