Friday, June 5, 2009

Better Than Expected

Checked into the barracks at O' Dark-Thirty this morning. Spousal unit was supportive as always, and drove me there with my 5 large bags of gear. The accomodations are much nicer than the open bay WWII barracks we left last week. They are brand new, in fact we are the very first occupants. Lots of electrical outlets, and a full size refrigerator and oven/cooktop. I have my Cuisinart coffeemaker and a pound of Kona-blend coffee, which should make mornings tolerable.
Training starts early in the morning, and runs until late night, since we have to cram in a lot of stuff. No days off projected, either. We were issued "Tuff Boxes" today, which are wheeled footlockers the size of Volkswagens. One of our guys fits in there with room to spare, so he might end up being shipped overseas in that manner. I've got no idea what I'm going to ship in mine.
It's off to check out the chow hall...

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  1. After you arrive in theater and figure out what you really need and want, we'll send you a gorilla box filled with just that. Keep leaning forward, brother.

    “A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood.” -Gen. George Patton.