Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And Now We Know Why I'm NOT A Medic

Field medics, whether civilian or military, are a special breed of people. They tend to be "no B.S." persons who become very focused when saving lives on the front lines. Contrast these amazing people with the average Combat Lifesaver student and the students usually fall way short. Our class did a generally okay job at today's practical final exam, but boy howdy, if I was the wounded dude on the ground, and I showed up to treat myself, there'd be a definite "crisis of confidence" afoot. But after a long, hot, pollen-filled morning where we carried rather hefty role players long distances on stretchers, treated every wound from amputation to impaled salad forks (guess the insurgents don't follow the Genva Convention prohibition against using silverware as weapons), we graduated and got our certificates. I'm just glad that we'll have real medics in the war zone! Now, I need a nap before going out to the rifle range tonight.


  1. Yo Lep, Medics make the worst patients...I know from experience. Self care is the best, if able. Take care and watch out for flying salad/dinner forks.

  2. Ouch. This whole CLS thing sounds painful, unpleasant, and entirely worthwhile. Grats on the certificate! I'm sure you earned it, haha.
    Isn't it fun to watch a real medic go into action, though? The get in "the zone" - all calm, focused, serious, and fast. Very cool. Guess that comes from knowing what you're doing.

  3. btw, did you know that your Uncle Bill was a medic in WWII? He crossed the channel on D-Day. It was a busy day for him.