Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to Pull Pitch and Rotate

Finished our "capstone exercise" yesterday. I drove the tail Humvee in the convoy and essentially did nuthin'. Seeing as how everyone except us drivers and turret gunners was leaping and crawling thru the tick-infested woods in the hot sunshine, doing nuthin' was a good deal, though pretty boring. After returning to the barracks, a couple of us got to join 50 of our closest friends and clean the 100+ machine guns used during the training rotation. That fun was followed this morning with a body armor laundry party. Who says the Army isn't a laff riot?
I've finished packing, the first group departs in the morning at 0300, and soon I'll be back with my Babe-A-Roo. Yippee!


  1. Hey Lep, hope your travels are "West young man, West".

  2. Happy trails, Buckaroo. We'll be happy to know that you are back in town for a little while.