Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Searchers

Okay, sportsfans, what does the classic John Wayne movie, a 1960's rock group, and combat training have in common? The answer is: We are all The Searchers. This afternoon, we conducted hours of building searches, until we no longer resembled the Marx Brothers with automatic weapons. Most of the guys in my unit have done a lot of this stuff, so we picked it up quickly. Not everyone training with us got the concept right away though, which made for some unintentional slapstick. One problem for me was after discussing the concept of "slicing the pie" (it's a method of clearing around corners slowly and maintaining good cover), I had a serious craving for actual pie. Unfortunately, the mess hall only had some foul-tasting "sweet potato pie" at lunchtime, which I had tried last night and only managed one bite before sending it across the food version of the Rainbow Bridge. Serious bummer, though I didn't really need any pie. I've lost about 10 pounds since arriving here 3 weeks ago, and the uninspired cuisine in the chow hall has been a big reason. Several of the guys headed out to play golf just now, but I declined the invitation for two reasons. First, I promised my spousal unit that I wouldn't be playing golf this time. Second, I am just plain too tired to swing a club and actually enjoy it. Behold, the "Mark of the Geezer" is firmly stamped into my forehead. Time for a nap, now. Cheers to you all, and thanks very much for your comments! Leprechaun Out.


  1. You may have lost 10 pounds, but not your sense of humor. That sweet potato pie is going to sound good in about six months!

  2. Wish I could send you some of my strawberry-rhubarb pie--on special this time of year from Seattle (and rhubarb from my yard). Am thinking of you and you can have a rain check on the pie.

  3. Thanks, Anita! The thought of having a slice of really great pie is a strong incentive to come back home with my taste buds intact! BTW, ran into our classmate Jack Spirakes in Monterey in April. He's surviving California...