Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great Idea, Poor Execution

This morning, at band camp, we marched down to the chapel for Arab/Islamic cultural awareness training. I've been looking forward to this block of instruction since we got here, as I don't want to be the "Ugly American" in-country. Well, after we were all seated, our instructor started talking, and it became very apparent that unless there was going to be subtitles, most of what he was saying was going to be completely unintelligible. The accompanying powerpoint slides would have been helpful, except that the instructor rendered them useless by flipping back and forth at warp speed, and returning each time to the one slide written entirely in Arabic. Guess I'll look for "Islam and Arab Culture For Dummies" at Barnes & Noble when I get back home. Shukran, Army!
BTW, after close to 24 hours, my boots from yesterday's "Singing in the Rain" experience are still pretty damp. Any of you loyal readers have suggestions for speeding the drying process that doesn't involve hair dryers or microwave ovens?


  1. Something really absorbent, like a chamois, stuffed inside to wick out the moisture? If it works, tell the Army that you thought it up and collect your $7.2M and come home.

  2. Tony, I tried a variation of your suggestion; both ends of a microfiber bath towel stuffed into my boots sucked the dampness out in an EMD Minute! Thanks!

  3. Since you took an idea and improved it, the Army now owes you even more! Keep your chin up.