Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Tough To Decide What Stays, and What Goes...

Though my spousal unit and I have successfully managed to travel for up to 2 weeks with just a carry-on apiece, traveling light doesn't seem to be in the cards for this month-long soiree to the RTC. The Army is going to give us a duffle bag or two full of "stuff" that we are expected to lug back home, and then lug to the sandbox. The packing list includes a helmet, Molle (pronounced "molly") pouches, backpack, rain and cold-weather clothing, optical sights for our rifles, goggles, protective sunglasses, sports bra (for the females, though there are a couple of guys that could probably use one), tactical flashlights...well, it's a long list, and it's not all we get issued, by a long shot. Then there's the personal electronics (120GB iPod Classic, as recommended by my Recovering Texan Battle Buddy), laptop computer, comfort items like my Starbuck's travel mug which also holds six small tubes of their new instant coffee, (kind of like a revolver's cylinder), tempur-pedic travel pillow (rolls up smaller than a loaf of Wonder Bread), and of course all of the uniforms, boots, socks, underwear, and Physical Training uniforms required to maintain one's stylish military appearance. Some friends of mine who are deploying with other units have revealed their plan to take along golf clubs, fishing gear, even bicycles. We'll see what stays behind, and what goes...but if any readers have useful suggestions, I'll welcome them!


  1. Sounds like a lot of stuff! you will have to let us know what you would like us to send you after you get where you are going! I like nothing better than a trip to Target to find fun stuff to put in a box and send-just ask Shane! He gave a "wish list" to jessica and we all had fun sending goodies,books, start making your list! I know there are some things not allowed due to Iraq religious issues!

  2. Thank you! Folks at work are also starting to put together care packages, minus the porn and liquor prohibited by General Order Number One. (I don't want any of that anyway, but that's all part of being a geezer, eh?)