Friday, May 8, 2009

APFT For Geezers

I just found out that at my age, I can elect to substitute a 2.5 mile walk for the 2 mile run portion of my Army Physical Fitness Test. Talk about a reprieve from sore knees and feet! Yesterday morning, a fellow old dude and I walked the course for time, and made it with 2 minutes to spare. No pain this morning either. This morning's other pleasant surprise was using my new Starbuck's instant coffee rig in the mess hall...Mmmmm, a nice hot cuppa java, way better tasting than Army coffee, made the chow hall food almost palatable. (Actually, I just had scrambled eggs and an apple, 'cause the SOS and biscuits would seriously undermine my pre-deployment weight loss program.) The guys in the advance party reached consensus to remove our CID patches from our uniform sleeves (it's all velcro'd on now, which is a plus)...folks were getting nervous when we walked in to a room, as they thought they might be under investigation. (Guilty consciences?) Being identifed as CID is kind of like being the vice-principal at a high school...
The toughest mission we had today was to pick up the body armor for the unit's use while we train here. A single set weighs close to 40 lbs...some soldiers train by running while wearing it, but I don't think any of us will lobby for that addition to our training schedule!


  1. Hey Dave!
    really am enjoying reading your blog! I do, however feel really bad for my whining about having to clean some cabins and potties in camp!
    Mike and I are working hard-and we are very tired and sore when we get home-but home is very comfortable-so more power to you-I am so proud of you-love, your cute sister(scullery maid)

  2. Seattle and Chicago are the teats markets for Starbucks new instant coffee, but I've had a chance to try them. Which do you prefer, the French or Columbia?