Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

This particular Memorial Day has taken on a new significance for me, being surrounded by soldiers who have lost comrades in Iraq and Afghanistan. As soldiers and cops tend to do, the initial solemnity is quickly replaced by funny or ironic stories about the fallen.
I am honoring the memory of my two grandfathers, one a Canadian Army combat veteran of WWI, wounded at the battle of Vimy Ridge, the other a US Army veteran of WWI who served in the fledgling Army Air Services as an aircraft mechanic. I also honor the memory of Major Jacks, USMC, our neighbor in California who was shot down in Vietnam; Major Jacks stayed with his F-4 Phantom to steer it away from a school, instead of safely ejecting. And finally, I honor all of my brothers and sisters who are serving in combat zones, or are getting ready to depart downrange.


  1. As a Vietnam Era vet close to your age (but younger) (grin) I feel your pain this Memorial Day having to go into harm’s way with creaking joints. Sib and I will be sure and drink plenty of beer and Margaritas in your name.

    Stay safe.

  2. Just wanted to say "thanks for your service" and that we all miss you here. Keep low :)

  3. Well put Dave.
    brought memories of Greg Jacks-and he and I playing on the floor of his bedroom with model airplanes and such. It was such a long time ago! You stay safe-I love you!