Saturday, May 23, 2009

Random Observations

Lots of frustration among our unit with some of the weapons training. Most of us are cops, either current or former, and a number are combat veterans. The source of the frustration is the training cadre, who gear the training toward new privates with no clue. The problem we are having is that the cadre wants us to do dumb stuff that is the direct opposite of good techniques. Case in point: During the "Reflexive Fire" range yesterday (designed to teach rapid "instinct shooting"), we were instructed that when changing magazines (reloading), we needed to bend down, pick up the empty magazine, and place it in an empty pouch. This is very bad tactics, as it diverts a soldier's attention from the threat, and takes your hands off your weapon in the middle of a fight. There are more examples, but we hope that this lame approach to combat training ends when we arrive downrange.

On a more upbeat note, two of our merry band have demonstrated a strong committment toward prolific passing of gas. I dubbed the pair, "Terrance and Phillip", and this nickname immediately caught on. Most quoted TV shows and movies: South Park, Tropic Thunder, Team America (the puppet movie from the creators of South Park), Caddyshack, and of course, STRIPES.
One final news note: I qualified as Expert with my pistol, which means that I have finally demonstrated decent proficiency with a weapon I will actually have access to while deployed.
This afternoon, we are slated to crawl around some more, practicing individual infantry maneuvers. The guys in our outfit who wear the Combat Infantryman's Badge (CIB) are planning to request credit for the course, based on prior "classes". (University of Baghdad, 05-07)


  1. Yo Lep, can't the combat veterans (old dogs) teach the training cadre (young pups) new tricks?

    Sorry to hear about "Terrance & Phillip", maybe we need to send a can of B-spray in your monthly "goody box".

  2. "...we needed to bend down, pick up the empty magazine, and place it in an empty pouch."
    I am controlling the language I want to use right now about this teaching method. I'm not a cop, have very little range time in, and even I know better than to recover a magazine in combat until the threat is neutralized. How can you stand it? It must be very frustrating.
    GRATS ON EXPERT! Woot! You GO!