Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stuff I Can't Share With You

One of the reasons why the Armed Forces monitor any blogs written by us deployed folks is the concern that we will reveal unflattering or potentially dangerous information to anyone with internet access. The policy actually makes sense...yeah, somebody slap me...but this war stuff is indeed serious business. Anything published that could put our troops (including yours truly) in harms way just shouldn't be out there. Amazingly, the Army is relying a lot on us bloggers to self-censor, and by all accounts it is working pretty effectively.
While I end up almost every day with anecdotes illustrating what life is like for the average soldier here on this FOB, most of 'em just can't be revealed...at least in this type of forum. That is why I have been journaling in my pocket notebook almost daily, because if I change a few things around to protect the innocent, these'll be perfect stories for my novel.
It's almost like there is a team of comedy writers sitting up at MNF-I(Multi-National Force-Iraq) Headquarters, sending out skits for the troops to perform for our ultimate amusement...Maybe it's the AAA farm team for "Saturday Night Live"...but there hasn't been one day since arriving here that I haven't gotten at least one good laugh about "the stuff you just can't make up". I do promise to tell all of these stories someday...they may end up only being entertaining to me, but that's the risk y'all are taking by encouraging me to write!

p.s. Someday, remind me to tell you the story about the Ugandan with 70 pairs of sunglasses in his undershorts...

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