Saturday, August 8, 2009

Farewell to a Great Cop and a Good Friend

When I returned to the FOB after a mission about 90 minutes ago, I learned that my very good friend, Steve B., had quietly passed away a couple of days ago. Steve was my partner patrol sergeant with the sheriff's department, and taught me the ropes of first-level leadership. Not only was Steve a superb street cop, but his sense of fun was matched only by his willingness to "push the envelope" in testing the bureaucracy. If there was an opportunity to make mischief, Steve usually was the prime instigator. He loved airplanes and flying, whether it was in the department Cessna as an air observer, or on the computer "flying a mission" with his air combat flight simulator. But above all, Steve's first and most important love was his wife, a great cop in her own right, and the perfect complement and balance to Steve's inimitable personality.
I was thinking of Steve this evening while preparing to board the helicopter for the flight back to home much Steve would enjoy the chance to fly around Iraq...and when I thanked the flight ops coordinator as we walked toward the chopper, he responded, "Just keep your head down and your powder dry..." which was Steve's favorite way to end our conversations. At the time I smiled at the coincidence...but now I think it might have been Steve creatively figuring out a way to say, "Goodbye."
Happy Landings, my friend...


  1. Lep: Please accept my condolences for the passing of your friend & partner.

    On a lighter note: I'll see you at next year's PNWA Conference.

  2. Thanks for both thoughts, Ted...

  3. Hey Dave

    I looked up the Obit for Steve and all it said was he passed away suddenly. Any idea of the cause? I remember he smoked alot. Anyway... I posted condolences on the family obit guest book and mentioned you name as well for the same.

    I remember him well... mostly from the poker games after the Guild meetings. He liked to bluff alot... :-)

    Cya buddy... pt

  4. So sorry to hear about Steve B. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

  5. Hi Dave...I went to Steve's memorial service. It was a fitting tribute to him. People from all walks of his life and those whose lives he touched. Lots of uniforms and a procession. Lots of smiles when a funny anectdote was shared. I know you were there in spirit. Tursting all is well with you. Diane

  6. A touching memoir,Dave. Well done and no doubt well deserved.