Friday, August 14, 2009

Stoopid Kompewters: The Saga Continues

It has been close to 45 days since my Army computer issues were first identified. The damn thing still doesn't function. Just had another visit from the FOB IT people. They screwed around with it, trying to download "patches" and other needed software, and 3 hours later, they've made absolutely zero progress. These computers are supposedly "Essential Equipment" to carry out our duties, but instead mine is turning out to be a "Farce Multiplier".
(I even went so far as to attempt a download of the case management software on to my personal laptop, but SURPRISE!!! this software doesn't function with the Vista operating system. (Yep, you guessed it...that's what is on my laptop.)

It's GAS gauge is on "E".


  1. Nah, the Iraqis shoot 'em for food...

  2. Technology is a great thing. Have you gotten stuck in any tree sumps while skiing lately?