Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Heat is On!

That was a snappy tune from Beverly Hills Cop, and also what it's like over here. Temps have reached the 140 degree mark a couple of times this week, which is waaaaay hotter than anything I've ever experienced before. We were busy searching a bunch of CHUs for stolen items and latent fingerprint evidence day before yesterday, and had to wear latex gloves. In a number of the CHUS, the A/C was pretty anemic, so after just 10 minutes of work, we all were able to pour almost an ounce of water each out of our gloves, and we had seriously prune-y fingers, without the fun of being at a hot-tub party. When our office A/C went out for a bit, we were dripping so much sweat that we had to cover our computer keyboards with plastic wrap to prevent them from shorting out as we wrote our reports.

Whenever I think about the soldiers over the past thousand years who fought wars in the desert, without the benefit of fresh, plentiful and cold water, or air conditioning, I am humbled and amazed....and very thirsty!
Leprechaun of Arabia...


  1. Now that is hot! "But, it's a dry heat..." :)

  2. As much as I love military history, I know that if I lived in the pre-Gortex Era, I'd be a heat casualty.

  3. Yep, even our high-tech flame retardant ACUs are like wearable saunas, especially when in the Porta-Potties right after they've been hosed out. 150 degrees and 170% humidity! Now THAT stinks!