Saturday, August 22, 2009

Home Theater, CHU-Style

Okay, I admit that I had every intention of resisting the typical Iraq-tour movie mania...folks have external computer hard drives filled with up to 1,000 movies, which means that "Every Night is Movie Night" in this pretty boring place. I had several opportunities to copy some great video libraries during pre-deployment training, but figured there'd be plenty else to keep me busy. Reality intruded, and so when another golden opportunity presented itself the other day, I broke down and got a small hard drive (500 GB) from the PX, and downloaded over 300 movies. By connecting my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cable, I get a pretty good quality viewing experience. Add in a "stir-fry to go" from the mess hall, and it's showtime, folks! (I even have a couple of really bad flicks in the group, so me and my friends can do our own version of "Mystery Science Theater 3000"...)


  1. Yo LEP:

    What, they don't have Netflix for you guys over there. A thousand lashes w/ a wet noddle for that slip-up. So what types of movies do you want sent w/ the next care package???

  2. I came across the complete "Rockford Files" series when I was 'over there'. Caught up on the episodes that I had missed over the years.

  3. finally found the movies you requested-they are on their way-along with a few little goodies that I thought might come in handy-or at least for you to share with your buddies. in the last two weeks we have gone mountain climbing(really) in Glacier-and tubing on the Swan River. Our jobs are nearly done here-really love reading your stories!