Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Now, Brown Chow?

"Brown Chow" pretty much describes most of the entrees served in our FOB's Dining Facility (DFAC for short). The new Army doesn't refer to these places as "mess halls" anymore, but that's what I still call it, which is yet another sign that I'm just an unreconstructed geezer. (Boy, if that last paragraph didn't sound like something Andy Rooney would say...yikes!)

On to tonight's topic...When my colleagues and I arrived here 30 days ago, the mess hall seemed like an upscale Old Country Buffet, full of interesting international choices and a varied menu. The team we were replacing chuckled at our initial reactions and told us we'd be bored inside of two weeks. Well, it took a little longer for me, but I have to admit they spoke the truth. Now don't get me wrong, there are still lots of different choices offered at lunch and dinner, but the problem is that most of those interesting choices are really, really bad nutritionally. Almost everything is fried, covered with cheese, or high carb...and quite a few items are all three. For those of us trying not to become like the Michelin Man, we pretty much are limited to a couple of items. Even the veggies are drenched in butter, cheese sauce, or curried camel lard.
The troops who came over in 2003-2006 would no doubt respond to my commentary with a resounding, "What, are you nuts, or just stupid? We ate really crappy food for 15 months and we were being shot quit your bitching, and have some damned cheesecake or Baskin-Robbins ice cream while you're at it!"
Okay, message received...except for the dessert part, anyway. I still have my pride.


  1. I heard the Corps has banned social networking such as Facebook, etc. in order to review the OPSEC ramifications, yadda blah, yadda blah. Although the Army has previously approved such things- i hope the Leprechaun wont be silenced...

    fight on Uncle!

  2. The USMC and Army both have published regulations limiting what can appear on social networking sites...anything describing specific troop movement info, photos of KIA/WIA good guys or bad guys, or classified equipment/facilities is prohibited. I had my blog "blessed" by the battalion S-2 (intel)staff, and I've been pretty careful not to reveal names or specific locations just to be safe. No photos of The Leprechaun, either...though that's for the protection of my readers!
    Keep the Faith, Nephew, and my best to your family!

  3. Just read an article in Stars & Stripes; the USMC has banned logging on to social networking sites from DOD computers. It's okay from home or personal computer in quarters. The Army is still deciding what their policy will be.

  4. Hey Leprechan,

    Thanks for giving me the link. I don't pay for the classmates site anyways, so it's better here. I didn't get a chance to tell Cherie hi for you yet, but I will. Going camping at Ft. Ebey on Whidbey Island this weekend. We go there every summer with friends from our old neighborhood near Granite Falls. Remember we used to live there? Well my Cubbies are doing ok for the time being. I hear you on the food issue. Good luck with that. Talk with you later.

    Mike Farrell

  5. Hey Lap: "Curried Camel Lard", rolling on the floor I was.....what a description....doesn't leave anything for the imagination. Keep up the jollies, you are fantastic.