Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Fighting Leprechaun Finally Has His Shillelagh!

I've wanted my own Shillelagh, in the form of an Irish blackthorn walking stick, for many years. I had the opportunity to order one from the premier stick maker in Ireland, located in the town of Shillelagh, County Wicklow, during my recent vacation there. It arrived today, and I really like it!

These sticks are the real deal. Each one is handmade, requiring 3-5 years of work before it is ready to be offered for sale. Mine is personalized, and will be just perfect for accompanying me on weekend dog walks, or when strolling through the dodgier parts of the "Big City". (Fills the gap nicely between personal protection options!)

I dealt with Mr. Liam Kealy (or in Irish, O'Caidhla), owner of Olde Shillelagh Stick Makers, and I highly recommend his fine establishment. He offers a full line of sticks, from the tourist-favorite "Lucky Charm" gavel-looking stick, to Battle Clubs and Fighting Sticks. My Walking Stick is definitely less warlike, but then again, so am I... Anyway, if you are seeking an heirloom-quality piece of fine Irish craftsmanship, and a reliable companion for rambles about the countryside, do contact Liam. You'll be happy with the result!

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