Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here We Go Again!

I reported for active duty this morning. This time it feels a lot different than when my unit was preparing to deploy to CENTCOM-Land. No training on how to identify IEDs, throw frag grenades, drive armored HUMVEEs, escape rolled-over MRAPs this go-round. I'm not missing the infantry squad tactics, nor crawling through field and forest while sporting body armor, kevlar helmet, and rifle. I shall also NOT miss the repeat prospect of experiencing direct and indirect fire. Of course, while this makes my pen name ("The Fighting Leprechaun") somewhat of a misnomer, I'm keeping it.

This stint, which should be my very last extended active service (barring some incredibly stupid decision to invade some hostile nation), promises to be much more relaxed. The mission is strictly investigative in nature, and the unit to which I am attached seems well-run, with squared-away agents. I also have a very competent, experienced partner, which always improves the long hours spent doing these kinds of investigations.

I expect to post whatever interesting and/or amusing anecdotes arise from my "Last Hurrah" as a soldier...Naturally I will stay within Department of Defense guidelines for military bloggers, so don't expect any juicy bits resembling a script from NCIS!

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