Thursday, October 4, 2012

Man held as bomb-making facility found in Dublin

Man held as bomb-making facility found in Dublin This is an Irish Times story about the ongoing, violent feud between the gang calling itself "The Real IRA" and various criminal gangs in Dublin. While I was in Dublin last month, drug gangsters murdered one of the "Real IRA" leaders. Our tour guide, who is very dialed-in to this kind of criminal-political conflict, predicted that there would be massive retaliation in short order. He was right. (Yet another benefit to our tour, having access to someone able to add perspective and background to the daily headlines!)
While the "Real IRA" is a small bunch of thugs who wrap themselves in the IRA name in order to legitimize their misdeeds (in my opinion, anyway), it's very good to see the Garda (Irish National Police) track down the source of the pipe bombs so quickly. Well done, Gardai!


  1. very sad to think of the needless violence going on there (and plenty of other places, i suppose). It seem to exist merely because it has existed throughout the lives of those involved, and they dont know any other way to live.

    1. Yep, that subculture, just like those in almost every country, sure makes it tough for the rest of us!