Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's BASEBALL Season!

A friend of mine wisely says, "The only thing Seattle Mariners fans are entitled to is disappointment." While he has been (unfortunately) proven correct every year since 1977, such realism doesn't dampen my April Enthusiasm for the M's prospects each season.  This year is no different. While the Mariners and Oakland Athletics officially started the Major League Baseball 2012 season in Japan, last night was their first regular season game back in the USA...and the Mariners kicked Oakland's buttocks...well, a little bit, anyway.
I  do KNOW that this was only one game out of 160, but after watching the M's getting timely hits, and even better, scoring a bunch of runs...well, a fan can dream, right? And the dream can stay alive until tonight's game, which gives me 9 more hours of happiness.
Now if only Freddie Couples can win the Masters tomorrow...

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  1. Well, dang...after today's performance, it looks like I'll have to settle for rooting for Lefty instead of Freddie.