Saturday, April 21, 2012

Running To Honor Pat Tillman's Legacy This Morning

I'm looking forward to be taking part in "Pat's Run" this morning, one of the many Shadow Runs around the country, concurrent with the main event in Tempe, AZ. "Pat's Run" honors the legacy, honor, and courage of Pat Tillman, ASU and NFL football star who left his promising pro football career to join the U.S. Army after 9-11. I'm sure everybody knows his story. What you may not know is how the Tillman Foundation carries on Pat's service to our nation, primarily by selecting military veterans as Tillman Scholars, funding their advanced education. This gives an added boost to those who have shown themselves to be outstanding leaders in the armed forces, private sector, and their communities.

We'll be running 4.2 miles at Point Defiance in Tacoma, wearing Arizona Cardinals Red shirts with the number 42 on the back...That was Pat's football jersey number...and while most of the runners here will no doubt speeding through the course, I will be gimping along, geezer-style, and probably bringing up the rear. No matter, I'm just honored to be able to contribute to the Tillman Foundation, and at the same time pay tribute to an American Hero. Hooah!

UPDATE: I finished, with no major injuries, and although the oldest runner by quite a few years, I was NOT LAST!!!!  The Shadow Run organizer, Major Steve Buchanon, is a very impressive fellow, currently completing his law degree AND an MBA at the UW. Everyone taking part, whether ASU alumni, or military folks, were first class examples of the folks who honor Pat Tillman by their service.

And fair warning to all of my friends who read this blog...I'm going to be hitting you up next year to participate in the 2nd Annual Tacoma Shadow Run! Start training now, because you don't want The Fighting Leprechaun to outrun you!

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