Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Outlaw Platoon" is a Must Read Book!

I've read a lot of war memoirs, but have never been moved to tears until I read "Outlaw Platoon", by Captain Sean Parnell (USA, Ret) and John Bruning. CPT Parnell commanded 3rd Plt, Bravo Co, 2/87 Inf, part of the 10th Mountain Division, in Afghanistan during some of the fiercest combat actions of the war. Sean Parnell and his co-author, John Bruning are gifted at conveying the emotions and thoughts experienced by a frontline junior officer. I was sucked in to the story by the middle of page 2, and held there to the very end.
I never review a book by rehashing it, so you will need to purchase or borrow "Outlaw Platoon", and read it yourself. I guarantee that you will be a little different person by the time you finish it, and in a good way.
"Thank you" to my friend and colleague, LTC Hank Cramer (USA, Ret), for sharing this superb story with me...and to the men of "Outlaw Platoon", you have my undiminished gratitude for your service, sacrifice, and heroism under fire.

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