Sunday, October 18, 2009

Interesting Meeting

I had the privilege of meeting Iraqi Major A_____, who is the "Rule of Law" for the province. Very gracious and friendly, he was at our office as part of a series of orientation briefings on the American military justice system here in Iraq. I showed him the size of the case file I'm currently working, which when stacked up is close to 24" high...the Major was amazed, and astutely asked why we haven't adopted an all-digital case file system. I learned, through an interpreter, how the Iraqi Army (IA) interfaces with the Iraqi Police (IP), which is substantially different from how the US Armed Forces work with our civilian counterparts. After a very interesting conversation, I presented Major A_____ with my CID brassard and patch from my uniform...I think he would have preferred either our super-glue fuming apparatus, or maybe my Sig-Sauer pistol...!

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