Friday, October 16, 2009

Dodged a Bullet (Figuratively!)

I was assigned an RFA (Request For Assistance) from a Stateside Army post today. Turned out to be a "bad news/good news" deal.

The Bad News: The RFA will require interviewing up to 20 different soldiers, plus the suspect(s), all said to be located at a remote patrol base, which will require 3 days of grueling investigation away from most of my tools, such as my computer for taking sworn statements.

The Good News: After I carefully read over the documents attached to the RFA, I realized that the unit with all of the involved soldiers had re-deployed back to the USA almost a year ago...which the sending agent apparently failed to check. Oops. So, I got to send back the RFA with a polite, professional note which roughly translated to "Not it!"

All in all, it was an excellent omen for the weekend.

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