Sunday, October 18, 2009

CHU Like My Place?

I intended to share photos of the metal box that is my home during this deployment, but just never got around to it until today. This is my assigned Containerized Housing Unit, or CHU...also known by equally-homey terms such as "Can" or "Hootch". A quick tour: You'll note the state of the art "Home Theater", complete with 22" LCD TV; I receive 10 channels of Armed Forces Network TV, plus I have a collection of DVDs, and an external hard drive containing over 200 movies, which play on my TV when connected to my laptop computer. The comfy chairs even have handy cup-holders! When it's bed-time for Bonzo, the surprisingly comfortable mattress, covered with the camoflage-pattern "Woobie" (that's the unofficial GI name for the quilted poncho liner, which is probably the Army's best issue item) has been kind to me. My "stuff" is inside that classy gray steel wall locker...thankfully I don't have, or need much "stuff"! My fishing pole is in the corner, ready to go at a moment's notice whenever I get free time during daylight hours...which hasn't happened lately. (The turtles are no doubt thankful for this respite!)

Well, I hope you've enjoyed the tour...Look for the 3-star rating in next month's "Michelin Guide to Combat Zone B&Bs" available at better bookstores everywhere!

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  1. Yo Lep:
    Your cubbie doesn't look anyway different then the one back at work.....not as much desk space or file storage but about the same. And your "Hootch" might be the same as your backyard "dog house". LOL