Thursday, September 3, 2009

This just in...

Life is about to imitate blog, as I got a "heads up" that my partner and I will be soon heading to one of the "austere" bases mentioned in the series of articles I linked to a few days ago. OPSEC prevents me from saying more, but I promise a full report once we return... (Hopefully illustrated with photos!)

By the way, I met the company First Sergeant from that base this afternoon, and this guy is one of those old school infantry warriors that I really admire. For you war movie fans, think "Sergeant Major Basil Plumley" from We Were Soldiers, only more loquatious. I'm looking forward to spending time in the front lines, though since there's no shooting going on it should be more like camping at a really low-rent RV park...

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  1. Okay then, good luck with that. Personally, I like low-rent RV parks, but given the choice I'd skip one that was baking at 140. Looking forward, as always, to hearing about your next adventures.