Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Comes To Iraq

Folks who have been here for a while explained that when the season changes from Summer to Fall, temperatures drop into the mid-90's, and it begins to rain. Well, it must officially be Fall, because after two and a half months, the skies just opened up with an epic deluge. Big windstorm to go along with the water, which makes for a nice least until I have to slog through ankle deep mud to get to the latrine and shower. Fortunately I have all of my shoe-cleaning supplies on hand, including a good scrub brush and bucket, so that I won't track mud into my CHU. Semper Paratus.
Turned out to be the perfect evening to fort up in the hootch, munch on beef jerky, and watch college football...including the stunning upset victory the UW Huskies pulled off over USC...


  1. This is being posted 6 hours later than your post, less than 2 minutes after the Dawgs actulally pulled it off!!! I think you need to go to work for ODNI, Old Buddy; you're in the wrong business!!! pjm

  2. Even Leprechauns get lucky once in a while!