Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More "Stuff You Just Can't Make Up'

All right, here's a little something for you fans of military absurdity, which I overheard in the mess hall at lunch this afternoon:

There's this unit over here, with about 9 months remaining in-country...been operational for about 2 months...and their HQ apparently put out the word today that all end of tour award recommendations need to be submitted within the next couple of days. It sparked the following conversation...
Lieutenant: "But we haven't done anything yet...we only just now got our computers working!"
Captain: "Doesn't really matter...just write something up in bulleted format after lunch, okay?"

Coincidentally, I learned a new acronym in "That's incredibly FUBIJAR!"
(F***ed Up, But I'm Just A Reservist)

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  1. FUBIJAR... love it! Going to use it at drill this weekend.