Sunday, November 4, 2012

My New Favorite Acronym: DONSA

Unless you are currently on Army active duty, work on an Army post, or left fairly recently, the acronym "DONSA" likely means nothing to you. But for those of us who are currently employed by the Big Green Machine, DONSA is a happy acronym.

DONSA stands for, "Day Of No Scheduled Activities", which is bureaucrat-speak for an extra day off, normally in conjunction with a national holiday. So, according to the installation's 2012-2013 DONSA/Holiday Schedule, not only will I have Veteran's Day off (observed on Monday, 12 November), but I also get Friday, 9 November off as a DONSA! Yes, sports fans, that means a four-day weekend is coming soon to a theater or drive-in near me!

Not only do I embrace this concept whole-heartedly, but the acronym's somewhat Italian-sounding pronunciation has inspired me to compose a little ditty, to the tune of "That's Amore"...

"When the Army says 'Hey, please take off one more day, That's a DONSA,
If your job's pretty tough, three days off ain't enough, That's a DONSA,
When the Army life's tough, CO's giving you guff, take a DONSA...
Like the Fonz-a says, 'Ehhhh', make your weekends four day, thanks to DONZA,
Deal with being annoyed, (Unless you are deployed) with a DONSA!!!"

(With sincere apologies to the memory of Dean Martin, and to Weird Al Yankovic...)

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