Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Keep Hearing the Siren Song of Retirement...

...and I've got to plug my ears!
When dumb, repetitive bureaucratic idiocy occurs in my world, and it occurs in close proximity to a good round of golf, those seductive siren songs start calling, "It's time to retire, Leprechaun!"  There's a lot of conflict from those thoughts. I like my job, well at least the actual work, and my boss and colleagues are great. I also enjoy doing my Army Reserve duties, which provide excellent incentive to stay in shape, and there is ample opportunity for Fun, Travel, and Adventure these days!

So aside from golf, what songs are the sirens crooning? Well, I have a number of friends who are of similar age, and retired from law enforcement or the fire service, like I did in 2006. They are all living in places like Arizona or Hawaii during the winter, spending time with grandkids, and yep, on the golf course, or fishing, or doing the occasional consulting job. I admit to envying these guys, and even more so when the bureaucratic idiocy mentioned earlier rises to painful levels.

I also hear dissenting voices..."Suck it up, Buttercup!" "You'll be bored, dude!" "Life is not meant to be enjoyed, until you are REALLY old!" Those comments certainly represent conventional wisdom, but I'm rarely accused of being a slave to convention!

The comment board is open...What do you think?
UPDATE: I just made the mistake of watching Office Space. Definitely not a good movie to encourage someone to continue working in a cubicle! (Though my boss is nothing like "Bill Lumbergh", and so far, nobody has removed my red Swingline stapler from my desk!)


  1. Hmm. Since I have just under a decade & a half to go, before I retire-retire, I don't think I'd be a good one to advise you. Good luck with your decision!

  2. take a misbehaving printer out to an empty field and bludgeon it. you'll feel much better. You will also get your heart rate up.

    as a wise old 33 year old punk, i often advise those coworkers nearing retirement that they are fools if they stay one day past 55. Part of the reasoning here is that they can always continue working if they want to, but now will get paid twice. Mostly though, the advice is based on my feeling that i am often inconvenienced by coming to work. I love my job, and those i work with- but there are a hundred other things i would like to experience, build, fix, climb, learn, and so on. The weekend simply is not long enough to pick up the dog poop AND perfect a 7/8 wave 2 meter monopole.

    so to make a long story miserable:
    if you love going to work, and its not preventing you from doing other stuff, why stop? If it is, why are you still working?

    1. Nephew, you are truly wise beyond your years! I agree with your assessment completely!

      We shall see what wins out in the coming year(s)...