Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

I suppose it would be an "epic fail" to let this Irish holiday go by without posting some sort of acknowledgement...and I could very well be in danger of losing my nickname to boot!

I've got the pleasure of attending what should be an excellent party tonight with colleagues. The food and fellowship is always great at this particular gathering, with none of that lame green beer or other fake Irish schtick in evidence. As the designated driver, I will wait until returning home to raise a glass of Jameson's, but I'll have fun all the same. Slainte'!

It's very good to be home after a week on the road. I had a very rewarding experience, working shoulder to shoulder with the good folks of a county on the Columbia River Gorge. We crafted a solid emergency management plan during the week, which should serve their citizens well when the 'guacamole hits the fan', so to speak.  I've said it before here, that the best part of my emergency management job is providing planning assistance to the folks on the front lines. The attitude of self-reliance is common in these rural/agricultural jurisdictions, and people seem to work well together. I had fun, though by Friday I was pretty well tuckered out, and ready to get back to the Spousal Unit and pups.  By the way, if you happen to be driving through The Dalles, Oregon, I highly recommend stopping for lunch at the historic Baldwin Saloon. First opened in 1876, it's a nicely-preserved "iron-front" building. Lots of great grub on the menu, and friendly service.

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