Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bunker Boinkery

My Team Chief and I had to fly out to a distant FOB last Sunday to conduct an investigation. We were examining the crime scene, a reinforced concrete and sandbag bunker, and without going into details, soon realized that these bunkers are apparently the location of choice for romantic trysts. One bunker even had been equipped with a cot, pillow, an ashtray, and a thoughtful touch...a box of condoms, stolen from the medical clinic, duct-taped to the wall, with a hand-printed sign reading, "Take One...Avoid Embarrassing Questions From Your Significant Other Back Home!"


  1. You may not have seen it on your local cable station... Rick Steeves is producing a special on the most romantic getaway FOBs throughout CentCom. Shall I forward your recommendation to include this one?

  2. I remember, way back in basic training, one of the TIs talked about a couple copulating in a dumpster.

    Ah, l'amour. (Or is it l'odor?).


  3. And they said the army isn't everything to everybody......oh my