Saturday, November 21, 2009

Welcome to the Hotel (FOB) California

Where apparently I can check in anytime I want, but I can never leave. Looks like it is going to take me 4 or 5 days to make it to my new duty station...which is less than 50 miles as the Blackhawk flies. Discussing why it's taking so long is prohibited here in Blogland, but let's just say it's not Army Aviation's finest hour...

Having said my goodbyes to acquaintances on FOB Mayberry 3 separate times now, it is getting kind of embarrassing to run in to them in the mess hall..."What, you're still here?" I've moved in to the office so as to leave my CHU vacant for my replacement, who may make it here some time tonight...hooked up my laptop to the internet connection, and have set up a cot, so there are all the comforts, yet I'm still packed up and ready to roll at a moment's notice. I'm definitely better off than the group of Air Force folks who have been waiting in the small bus station-like airfield "ready room" for the past 3 days. Those guys are starting to look like cast members on "Survivor"...except they have no hope of profiting from an immunity challenge which would get 'em on a helo.

Wish me luck...and send your happy thoughts to the Combat Stress Clinical Team and Civil Engineering Group, so that they may soon be finally voted off the "island".


  1. In a further twist of irony, when we met the night flight from Baghdad to pick up my replacement, he was not on the aircraft. We're speculating that his boss won't release him until I finally show up, which may mean I finish out my tour right where I am! (Naw, it'll never happen, but it is fun to joke about it!)

  2. Hey Dave ... thought you got promoted... pull rank on somebody!

    (If that fails fall back on the old fashioned way... beg)