Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Update

And unfortunately, no Amy Poehler here either...
I was informed yesterday that I am part of a "musical chairs movement", and will be reporting next week for duty in the Greater Baghdad Area. That'll place me in much closer proximity to "the flagpole" than I'd like, but it's still better than being almost anywhere in Afghanistan. The new scenery and working conditions should provide a lot of blog fodder, though I will miss the bucolic life here on "FOB Mayberry". (Photo of my new office location is posted above.)

By the way, I was going to recount my experience with an Iraqi Police senior officer the other day, but quickly realized that by doing so I would likely run afoul of Multi-National Force-Iraq blog guidelines. You can read between the lines here. At least it'll provide the basis for a great vingnette in the slowly-developing novel.


  1. Looks like your new office is a fixer-uper.

    And, I think that I take issue with your comments regarding Afg. There was no finer food... the air quality was... The water tasted like... the roads were... Ah, hell. You are right--it's a crap hole.

  2. Tony, I based my Afghanistan comment almost exclusively upon the relative scale of the "Chances of Getting Blown Up" meter. Baghdad: 1.7; Kandahar: 7.1
    Obviously, I have a HUGE amount of respect and admiration for my brothers and sisters operating in that tough and dangerous environment...but I'm in no hurry to join 'em.

  3. :) Just pulling your chain, little buddy. The "Easy B" is the place to be.