Friday, April 24, 2009

What Time Is The Noon Formation?

For those of you fellow geezer-warriors out there who may be wondering about what the Army of 2009 is like compared to the 1970s version:
1. Today's soldier seems to be generally more literate and aware of the world. (Internet, maybe?)
2. The same dumb stuff that happened on a regular basis still occurs, but less-frequently. (But those that have been deployed say, "Just wait 'til we get in-country!")
3. If I'd had one of those cool new hand-held GPS units back in 1977, I wouldn't have been known as the "most frequently-lost tank platoon leader in USAREUR". (US Army Europe)
4. NCOs still run the Army, and generally do it extremely well.
5. "HOOAH" is quite possibly the most ubiquitous exclamation the Army has ever had...but I feel a little guilty using it because it feels like it's stealing from the Rangers and the Marines. 
6. The proliferation of black berets makes me feel like I'm back at Fort Knox, circa 1976.
7. The biggest disadvantage to the new Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is its many different pockets. (There's eleven of 'em!) At my age, I have a hard time remembering where I put stuff.
8. Old guys telling war stories of Cold War or earlier vintage still causes younger troops' eyes to rapidly glaze over.


  1. but at least the 11 pockets are all on your person! a few pats and you'll find things. really looking forward to reading your blog, dave. keep posting!

  2. its not the pockets, its the bags. sand will get into every one of your aged crevices.