Saturday, December 21, 2013

Catching Up: The Leprechaun at 60

So I hit the "Big 6-0" a couple of weeks ago, and this birthday brought a diverse range of gifts. The best one was being able to spend the evening with my truly beloved Spousal Unit, who is truly "the gift which keeps on giving". Without her, this would have been a bleak day indeed. Second in line for the "good gifts" list was getting to return to great friends and colleagues at my civilian job. When folks talk about "coming home" to a place of employment, that perfectly describes my situation. I have the best boss and co-workers anyone could hope to have, and the added pleasure of a rewarding profession. Public service, whether in the form of being a cop, a soldier, or a non-glamorous emergency planner, provides a real motivation to show up each morning with a good attitude. What we do usually results in the world being a better place, at least if we are doing the right things! I'm grateful to be part of work unit which embodies that service ethic, yet has fun while "committing emergency management"! My third gift, which I must confess I selected and purchased myself, was a new golf club. Yep, the Spousal Unit has mentioned that someday I'm gonna get referred to a 12-step program for this powerful golf addiction, but hey, it's GOLF we're talking about here... I really needed a new driver (TaylorMade R-1, for those of you fellow golfers wondering) which could be custom-fitted to accomodate my changing physical skills and game. And yes, I made the right choice...haven't hit a really bad shot with it yet, but I have hit some excellent ones! The last "gift", courtesy of the U.S. Army, was orders honorably discharging me due to reaching the "mandatory removal age". While the fight continues (Senator Patty Murray's staff hasn't given up on me, which I deeply appreciate!), and I'm in a quasi-military status with six months of Tri-Care medical coverage, it still feels strange to be an "ex-soldier" once again. Still, with all things considered I ended up to the plus upon reaching 60 years old...and I don't feel a day over 40. In dog years.

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