Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adventures of the "Distracted Detective"

Working out of an Army CID Office has advantages and disadvantages. Most of the cases I'm working require lots of telephone interviews, and that's not how CID usually does things. The open cubicle bays are generally chaotic, filled with jocular insults, loud complaining, and discussions about ongoing investigations or administrative requirements. A couple of times each month, we are tasked with completing internet-based training covering such gripping topics as "Equal Opportunity/Prevention of Sexual Harassment", "Information Security Awareness", and my personal favorite, "Accident Awareness and Prevention"...because the script is a close parallel to that Driver's Ed movie they used to show in high school..."Blood On The Asphalt!!!"

On the plus side, interaction with fellow agents makes the day go by faster, I can get advice on CID procedures quickly and easily, and I really enjoy the seriously funny stuff that comes out of peoples' mouths in the active duty Army environment. My case files, which weigh about 5 pounds each, are within easy reach.  And all the documents saved to my office hard-drive which I haven't found time to upload to the shared-drive or download to a CD (because we can't use thumb-drives or external hard drives) aren't available on my remote laptop. But mostly, I just like the camaraderie.

This morning I was faced with a choice: try to conduct a whole bunch of telephonic interviews from the office, or grab a case file and head back home. I decided on the latter course of action, and I'm glad I did. Not only did I make more progress in one day with this investigation than I've accomplished over the past month, I was able to space my calls out to encompass the post-dinner-hour, reaching more of my contacts than usual. My Spousal Unit was supportive, as usual, and we had zero conflicts over telephone or computer usage, since I was issued an Army computer for home use.

I think this will be an option more frequently...

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