Saturday, March 30, 2013

"It Takes Balls To Play Golf The Way I Do!"

And clubs too!

After playing golf for the past 25 years with a set of Ping Eye-2 irons, which were used when I bought them, I realized that it was time to transition to "Senior Clubs" if I was going to improve my game to a substantial degree. Although I hit the old Pings reasonably well, I was unable to get much distance with them. Golf teaching pros recommended that I consider going to Super Game Improvement (SGI) irons, which usually feature graphite shafts, and oversize, hybrid-type heads. 

After researching what kinds of SGIs were available and the reviews online, I narrowed my choices down to a couple of different sets. When I went on a recon mission to my local golf superstore, I discovered one of my possible selections was on sale for a deeply-discounted price. I spent some time with the club fitter, and he determined the best specifications for my swing. The launch monitor revealed that on average, I got between 50 and 75 more yards from the mid and long irons/hybrids. That's the type of improvement I was seeking, so after a call to the Minister of Finance, also known as my Spousal Unit, I made the purchase. I ended up with a set of Adams 12OS hybrid-irons, which were featured on Golf Digest's 2012 "Hot List". (That's them in the photo, just in case you hadn't already figured it out.)

Since my clubs were custom fitted, it took a couple of weeks for them to arrive from the Adams factory in Texas. When they arrived, I couldn't wait to pick them up...this was the first time I had ever bought brand new irons, and it felt a lot like the first time I had purchased a new car. Granted, there isn't really such a thing as a "New Golf Club Smell", but aside from the missing olfactory reward, I got jazzed unwrapping each shiny stick from its bubble-wrap.

I've spent a couple of hours at the driving range getting used to the "Adams Family", and played nine holes yesterday afternoon at the Fort Lewis Golf Course. These clubs are by no means magic, and I've discovered that they are going to take some serious work before I'm at all consistent with 'em, but when I hit the ball just right, WOW!!! That orange sphere takes off like a 4.2 inch mortar shell, high and far.
Fortunately, the need to spend adequate practice time is supported by the return of decent weather to the Pacific NW this weekend...and my apathy toward organized religion helps me ignore the fact that tomorrow is Easter Sunday, which should result in the 9-hole practice course being less-crowded.

My goal last year was to break 90 at least once on a regular golf course (not just a nine-hole executive course like where I'm practicing tomorrow), and that didn't happen. I'm renewing that same goal for 2013, and I have the feeling these new clubs may really help me to do it. I'll let you know when it happens. 

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  1. Played 18 holes (2 X 9 at the Williams Nine @ Meadowpark GC.) and made some good progress today. 4-6 hybrids off the tee really flew; same for the rest of the irons. Had to drop down one or two clubs in order to stop hitting the ball over the green. That was a great feeling! Now that I have my grip position dialed in, and am getting comfortable with ball position and distance from the ball at address, good things are slowly happening. Of course, to non-golfers this is all, "Blah, blah, blah...6-iron, blah blah blah." That's okay...the only person who has to get excited about this stuff is ME!