Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Author and War Correspondent Nathan Webster Shifts the "Full Metal Jacket" Paradigm

Nathan Webster is a Gulf War veteran and supremely-talented war correspondent who served several embeds in  Operation Iraqi Freedom. In his really smart blog, "Can't Give This War Away", he recently posted an analysis of the film classic, "Full Metal Jacket", and the novel which spawned it.

When I saw the tweet where Nate Webster referred to FMJ's director Stanley Kubrick's "cowardice", I was prepared to yell "HERESY!!!", for FMJ has always seemed to me to be gutsy and powerful. After reading Webster's insightful comparisons and I saw what the movie could have been, I had to agree with his point 100%.
Read his post, and let me know if you agree with Nate Webster as well... (Click on the link below)

Now that I've successfully click-whored a few visitors, I will explain...



  1. if i ever make a movie, there will be a text splash right after the title screen:

    This movie is an adaptation of [book title]. Read it. its good. better than this movie.

    always true, uncle.

    1. Indeed, Nephew. How about you write the screen adaptation for my novel? (It's gonna take another year at least, so start practicing your screenplay skills!)

    2. ill do it. But it will only prove my point :)